One of the latest designers to enter the Danish fashion scene is Wackerhaus. In 2003, Trine Wackerhausen launched her own brand that since her first fashion show has been praised by many fashionistas. The designer Trine, is not interested in trends and has chosen to stay true to her self and create timeless pieces that can be worn across seasons and for years to come.

I first noticed Wackerhaus last year when I saw a pair of lime green high waisted trousers and a very unique bulky orange blazer that seemed to fit perfectly together. I bought the two items immediately even though the blazer was two sizes too big but it was the only one left at the time.

What sets Wackerhaus apart from all the other brands is her ability to create wearable and comfortable clothes in simple styling that mixes both the feminine and masculine look or as stated on their homepage:

“Despite complementary materials and a versatile approach to silhuette, Wackerhaus succeeds in delivering a clean cut and cohesive look, which on one hand expresses a certain masculinity and on the other a fragile and feminine side of contemporary women’s fashion.”