Early 90s flower dresses are back!!!

These months, a wave of 90s nostalgia has been floating through me. I’m thinking Beverly Hills 90210 and especially the characteristic  floral dresses familiar to this era.  Even though the early 90s fashion still cracks me up, I appreciate the more stylish update of it this summer. To me, the most notable were Donna’s dresses, which for the most part were tight, short and flowery. I never had the opportunity to wear the Donna dress in the early 90s (I was only 9!) and nor did I want to wear one afterwards because, well, it was cheesy but now that it’s fashionable again, I think I can pull it off. I’ve found a few on ASOS and in ZARA but I’m still looking for more…

P.S. Check out Ian Ziering aka Steve in his flowery man shirt – I really hope that the 90s flower power trend this summer is only directed towards women’s fashion.


H&M’s “Garden Collection” (Spring)

I went by the H&M store today to check out the new garden collection. I really didn’t expect to find anything but the sad leftovers in huge sizes BUT I was lucky. There were still some of my favorites left in my size including the pretty and simple nude dress. Here is what I bought 🙂