The Turban is still here?

Just as I thought that the Turban’s golden days were coming to an end, I see this glamorous looking one on Asos.

The Return of the Turban


We have already witnessed the revival of turbans on the fashion runways of 07, 08 and 09 and this year is no exception. Inspired by the early 20th century when the orientalist trend was at its peak, the turbans have once again sparked a sense of exoticism and elegance.

One might be drawn to conclude that the turban mania started with the SS 07 Prada turbans from three years ago but no one ever really expected the turban to make it to the everyday fashionista’s wardrobe. So, is Miuccia Prada the one to blame for the renaissance of the turban? Well, perhaps, but all we know is that since then, the turban has made a reappearance in several collections in different forms: from relaxed and laid-back versions at Catherine Holstein to exotic and luxurious at Ralph Lauren.

Back in the days, the French referred to the turban as a cache-misère, or “hide misery”, because they were a chic solution to dealing with a bad hair-day. Today, this fabulous head-piece can be a perfect accessory for the evening, paired with an elegant long dress.

Just think Old Hollywood, Marlene Dietrich and Lana Turner in the glamorous 1930s, who knew how to wear the turban with sophistication.

As always, the first ones to embrace the trend have been the celebrities. The turban has already become a popular high-street trend and spotted on several celebrities, such as Nicole Ritchie, Kate Bosworth and Ashley Olsen.

Wearing this kind of headgear will doubtlessly bring you a lot of attention. It is sophisticated, chick and does not look at all like you are hiding a bad hair day.

These women pull it off quite well, even the dude with that fierce look but I guess he’s more used to it than I am 🙂