Icelandic wool sweater

The above pictures show the sweaters that my mom knitted which turned out to be 15 times cheaper than buying at a shop. However, if knitting is not your thing and you don’t know anybody who can make one for you, you can purchase one here for a few hundred euros. The brand is called GudrunGudrun and was started by two Faroese women. The sweater suddenly burst into fame when an actress from the popular Danish TV drama  “Forbrydelsen” started wearing it on the series (the last three pictures). This exposure led to a wave of different kinds of Nordic sweaters suddenly appearing on the market and which are still popular today – or at least in Denmark they are. My favorite is the Icelandic sweater (the above pictures).

These are my favorites, all made of organic wool:


3 thoughts on “Icelandic wool sweater

  1. Hi
    I was going to take up knitting again and wanted to try a Nordic sweater. As I was looking through lots of pictures, I came across the black/tan/white one with the white one beside it. I love the pattern and think I can tackle this. I was wondering if you know where I can get a pattern for it.
    If you know, can you please email me.
    Really appreciate this. I am going to make it for my boyfriend

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