Paris – Milan – New York …Copenhagen??

Copenhagen is hardly a city that many relate to high fashion or famous luxury brands but there is change on the horizon. Not only are Danish fashion brands receiving increasing international recognition but the industry is also getting the attention of investors.  Malene Birger

Nevertheless, Denmark is no stranger to remarkable design. I’m sure most of you have heard about Georg Jensen who most notably is known for its elegantly crafted jewelry. Georg Jensen might just be the only one that has created an international brand whose jewelry and silver work are represented in museums all over the world. 


Also Danish architecture, usually neo-modern and characterized with the sophisticated use of steel and glass thus creating the minimalist effect, is making its way internationally and has become a fast growing export business.


The Danish fashion industry is experiencing an increasing interest which is reflected in the Danish fashion trade that has grown during the past years. 

Most Danish brands have already formed partnerships with both national and international investors to help expand the brands reputation globally. A lot of Danish brands are doing well in Denmark and are eager to promote the industry beyond its borders.


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