Going green to be seen

The Eco-Friendly bagbag

The designer behind the ambitious project: Anya Hindmarch. The aim:  To spur awareness and debate on environmental issues concerning the usage of plastic bags.

“We tried to do our bit by increasing awareness of the issue of plastic bags and making reusable bags fashionable when we launched I’m Not A Plastic Bag last year. Whole Foods Market were very supportive of this project. Let’s hope other supermarkets follow the example that they have set and ban the use of plastic bags in their stores”. (Anya)

However, the bag which was intended to be a simple reusable bag with profits going to an environmental group, has become a sougt after accessory among many women. The bags, which were produced in limited edition, were sold out in no time.

The question of whether the ones who are craveing this bag are environmentalists, is still not quite clear to me. It is true though that the bag has become the “it” bag, and is for the moment a must have for many trend followers, or at least till the next big thing comes along. We’ll have to wait a year or a month to see…

The idea in itself is great. It encourages one to conserve and to be responsible while also being fashionable. There is also the possibility that it might reach out to consumers who otherwise had not given much thought to the environmental problems that are facing us today. I really hope that this whole project will turn out into something more substantial (and maybe even change consumer behavior) than just the latest look. After all, there are plenty of alternative reusable canvas bags (although, they are not nearly as fashionable as the this one). What makes this bag exceptional is the fact that it is a designer bag, and it has also already been spotted on several celebrities.

At least the main message is clear: Stop using plastic bags!

Break the habit

A similar idea was presented in Denmark in December 2008 (probably inspired by Anya). Nine Danish designers joined forces to create a series of organic bags with the purpose of collecting charity to the Red Cross. The name of the campaign was “Break the Habit” which beside its charitable purpose was also concerned about the environmental implications associated with the usage of plastic bags.

Nine Danish models pose to the camera wearing the bags that carry individual prints by each of the nine designers.



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